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Below is listed material that has not yet been published in The Biblical Examiner, but may be some time. (The Lord has provided more material than we will ever be able to publish. These articles are "overflow.") We will then remove it from this site, and place it in the "Previous Issues" site (If you find a duplicate on this page and another, please let me know). It is yours for the downloading. You may reprint it under these conditions: First, note its source, and second, do not change the meaning of what we are saying. That is, do not make me say something I do not say.

We will add to the list as we develop material we feel might be helpful in expanding the Kingdom of God. All material is by Pastor Need, unless otherwise noted.

(This page may also contained some "published" material, links which I will try to remove as I have time. Past Examiners are posted.)

Lengthy Studies

Peter's First Defense, Acts 4

A very lengthy study containing many good preaching/teaching points. It was put together in the middle 80s, and has not been proofed good. Studies like these were personal studies for my own information. What I leanred from these studies forced me to abandon Darbyism/Scofieldism/Dispensationalism.

   Into the Fire, Ps 139
   Commentary on Ezekiel 37
  Israel Restored
 Commentary on Hosea 7
Clinton will Remain, Hosea Ch. 7
  Moral Authority to Govern
Y2K, Glitch or Judgment?
Agrippa's Speach to the Jews bent on Revolt
  To Prepare or Not to Prepare  -- The NT Question
Qualifications for a Pastor (1 Tim. 3) If you are considering a pastor, you need to check this out.
Women's Empowerment Movements (1 Tim. 5)
Lawlessness or Sin - Leviticus 26:14-33
Law vs Grace: Is there a conflict?
Bondage vs Freedom - Responsibility vs Irresponsibility
God's Providence - Leviticus 25:18-22
Settling controversies
Saving Souls? By R.E. McMaster, Jr.
God's Glory & the Development of Sin
Women and Children -Isa 3:12
Resisting God's Grace
Curiosity Killed the cat (Church)
Brass & Gold - More than enough
Beware of Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
I saw it with my own eyes!

A Critique of "'Chosen People' Inside the Mind of Christian Identity"
Panama - The Noriega Situation (1990)
A Short Thought - Losing Your First Love
Sodomy and The Law
News You Probably Missed (Because we weren't told)

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