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Gospel of John - Chapter One

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Pastor Ovid Need

NOTE: Time requires I leave in the minor errors, e.g., abbreviations in text, wrong abbreviations, mixed tenses in a sentence (though I have tried to catch all of them), caps, etc.

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1. Here we have the introduction to the Word, Light, Life Jn.1:1, 4, 8. Any time we see a word capitalized like this we know that it is referring to a person. Who is this person, vv. 14, 18?


a. What other names is he called, Rev. 19:9-16, Jn. 1:7?


There are over 256 names given to this person throughout Scripture. It would be interesting to make note of all the capitals which are placed on words like Light, Truth, etc.. He alone is these things. (Example, Is. 9:6.)

2. The beginning. When was this, v. 1 (Gen. 1:1)?


a. Who created everything, vv. 3, 10 (Col. 1:16)?


b. What was everything created out of, Hebrews 11:3?


c. How did he create all things (except man), Psalms 33:9 (Gen. 1:6)?


d. How did he create man, Genesis 2:7?


The Light is contrasted with darkness. We have seen who this Light is, now let us look at the darkness. Darkness represents the forces of evil led by Satan who is in rebellion against God. God created Satan. Satan rebelled against his Creator, took about 1/3 of the angels with him, and has been in rebellion ever since. (Rev. 12:4, Lk. 18:18.) The warfare today is Satan vainly attempting to overthrow God. Those who are not born again and following God (as revealed in his word), are helping Satan in his efforts. (A major theme found throughout God's word is that Satan can only operate within the bounds established for him by the Lord God. In the final analysis, Satan simply does God's will here on this earth. Job chaps. 1-3, Rev. 13:1-7, 17:17, etc.)

3. Because of Adam's disobedience to God, sin entered into the world. (Gen. chap. 3, Rom.. 5:12.) Therefore everyone is born with a sinful nature. Who did Christ identify as the father of ALL who are not saved, John 8:44?


a. Who alone are the children of God, 1:12?


The terms receive and believe are very important. Receive means to receive what Christ did in our place for our sins. Believe means to trust what Christ did in our place as our substitute. (Eph. 1:12, 13.)

As we have already observed, all are born under the death penalty. Death here is the second death, or separation from God. (Rev. 20:14, 15.) Christ, the sinless Lamb of God died a sacrificial death. When we trust him as our Saviour or trust him to pay that debt for our sin, we are saved. We will see that this coming to him to be our substitute must be a result of the Holy Spirit convicting the sinner of his sin, and drawing the sinner to Christ as his Saviour. (Jn. 6:37, 44, Jn. 1:13.)

John the Baptist was the preacher who introduced the one who had been promised in the Old Testament. (The apostle John wrote this book, not John the Baptist.) The Old Testament promised a Sinless Sacrifice, Substitute, Saviour (the Messiah), who would save his people from their sins. (Mt. 1:21.) Because of what John preached (turn from your sins), the religious leaders thought he was the promised one, 1:19, 20. He assured them that he is not.

4. We see another name for Jesus. What is that name, John 1:34?


5. John had some disciples who followed him. What did those followers do when they heard John speak about Jesus, v. 37?


(What do others do after they hear our words and see our actions?)


6. What did these disciples do after meeting Christ, vv. 41, 45?


7. There are two more names given for Jesus. One is Rabbi, meaning teacher. What is the other, v. 49?


The first chapter of John introduces us to Jesus Christ and some very basic things about him. The rest of the book of John centers around Him. Not only does John center around Jesus, but so does all the Bible as well as all of history, i.e., His Story.

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