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Please note that all of the material we print is available on a free-will offering basis. And we will not do as a currently very popular radio speaker does: Upon ordering from him and not enclosing the suggested donation‚ I received back a nice nasty letter telling me that this was their source of income and this time they would send the requested resource material without the total of the suggested donation. We do live in strange times when suggested donation means "This is the charge‚ or else." We mean just what we say here. This is a mission outreach ministry of a small group of believers at the Linden Baptist Church who love the Lord and who desire to see His Kingdom advanced in every way possible. We put ALL of this material together for our folks‚ and then make it available to whoever can use it. We do all the printing ourselves‚ so as long as the Lord provides the funds‚ we will provide the material. These are suggested donations‚ and as long as the Lord provides‚ the material is available upon request whether there is any donation or not. (Everything is available on disk, including the material that needs to be reprinted.) To God be the glory!



Ovid Need

The Biblical Examniner
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Death of the Church Victorious is now shipping.



(SD‚ $5.25ea. — Please keep in mind that minimum postage is $1.12.)

Booklets put together for Homeschool meetings

Church‚ Inc. - deals with the Biblical principle of Churches being incorporated. (Entire text on web site.)

TONGUES – A BIBLICAL VIEW - Rightly dividing the Word of Truth in this significant matter. (Needs reprinting; however, entire text is on this web site. This is in PDF.)

Jeroboam's Sin Lives, deals with supporting Corporate ministries with God's money. Just a few copies left: It desperately needs editing, and then we will reprint it.

The London Baptist Confession of Faith, reprinted for our people and taught through in SS class. [A good study guide: A modern Exposition of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, by Samuel Waldron, ©1989, Evangelical Press.]

The Other Jesus - THE GOSPEL PERVERTED. A booklet exposing the many false plans of salvation that fail to stress faith in the substitutionary work and death of Christ.

See our list of Booklets

The complete text is here, so please download, read and pass it on. Our concern is to get this into circulation, especially to Christian leaders. It is available in Spanish also. See end of the document for more information. There is no charge for this SALVATION BOOKLET, but it costs us about 10 cents each to produce and mail.


Other Materials 

 Romans 13, Where is the Line Drawn. (Laser printout at this time. F$9.00, plus postage, please.) - It contains 80 - 8 ½ x 11 spiral bound pages, fully indexed. It deals with vv. 1-7, including paying "tribute."

Israel's Identity/Israel's Conversion, (F$10.00 plus postage) a view of Ez 39:22-29, Zech 12:9-14 & Rom 11:11-31 that is consistent with the fact that the New Testament Church is Israel. 94 spiral bound 8 ½ x 11 pages, 6 pages of index.] Most of this book is posted. However, the index is not.

Paedobaptism and the Word of God. (SD F$8.00+10%) 70 page‚ laser copy‚ indexed & documented‚ Scripturally showing that Old Testament circumcision and New Testament baptism are not one and the same; contains a short chapter on origin of Paedobaptism.

Identifying Identity. SD F$11.00, post paid; please add F$1.25 on first copy, and .50 each additional copy for S/H) Applies the Word of God to the modern "Christian Identity" movement. In this book‚ an Identity doctrinal statement is reproduced and examined in the light of God's Word. It contains 94‚ 8½X11 spiral bound pages‚ and is throughly documented and footnoted. It is not for the "faint hearted." The on-line version includes all chapters, but lacks the extensive index. Chapter Four, entitled, "The Seedline Doctrine", is available on-line separately. This book contains, among many other things, King Agrippa's speech to the Nationalists who were preparing to revolt against Rome. It also deals thoroughly with Nord Davis' 14 part lesson series, "Star Wars."

Pastor Ovid Need, Jr., has a discerning and systematic mind, and this appears clearly in his study, Identifying Identity: A Biblical Examination of Assumptions Found in British-lsraelism, Anglo-Saxonism, Christian Identity (spiralbound, 72 pp., King and Kingdom Publishers, P.O. Box 6, Linden, Indiana 47955; telephone 317-339-4609; $14 postpaid). This is a detailed exegetical analysis, made without rancor or unkindliness, of some of the basic assumptions of champions of that faith. In specific, the premises of one man are analyzed, but these are points common to most in the Identity Movement.
Ministers should keep a copy of this work on hand to answer questioners, or to loan to troubled persons. The fact that derelict ideas are sometimes held by likeable people does not lessen their danger. Pastor Need's analysis represents much painstaking study, and we are all the better for having his manual. It is detailed, specific, and Biblical. He explains and corrects rather than condemning and is always gracious. (R.J. Rushdoony, Chalcedon Report, June, 1996.)

A Response to Media Bypass' "Overview of Christian Identity" - July, 1996 (Available upon request)

MARRIAGE: License-Contract-Coverture‚ Which? (SD‚ $3.00) presents the Biblical Teaching and ‘forms' for "Christian Coverture Marriage."

The Book of Deuteronomy (SD‚ $20.00) is a 75 lesson‚ 300 page‚ series which we put together for the adult Sunday School class. It emphasis the law of God as given to Moses and applied in this book‚ and cover just about every area of law you can think of. It consists of take-home lessons to be brought back and discussed in class. They require some thinking and study. Answers are included at end on separate sheets of paper. It is drilled for 3 ring binders.

The Book of John (SD‚ $10.00) is another series we put together for our folks for home-Bible studies. They are primarily to go into the home of an unsaved person interested in the Lord enough to study His word‚ but if a church has been influenced by a false gospel‚ we strongly recommend using these for maybe Sunday School class or something similar. These are designed to force people to face to truth of the Word of God in the area of Christ's atoning work. They are really quite simple: one lesson per chapter of John. We have seen several converted as they have gone through these‚ which was their purpose. These lessons emphasize salvation to give the Holy Spirit a chance to deal with those who are unsaved but interested. The question is: If a person does not have enough interest in the Lord to study something like this‚ do they have enough interest to be saved by praying a prayer? I think not! They are meant to counter the ‘pray this prayer' type of salvation with which we are overrun today.

The Triumph of Titus (Matthew 24 in its context.) Because Mat 24 is the end of a message that started in Mat 21, the study primarily deals with the context of Mat 24, i.e., Matt 21 through 24, with index. The entire text is posted. The hard copy has TOC and index. (149 8 1/2 x 11 spiral bound pages, laser printout at this time. SD, $13.00.) Now includes "The Destruction of Jerusalem" by George Peter Holford, 1805.

BOTH DEUTERONOMY AND JOHN ARE AVAILABLE AS BIBLE STUDIES BY E MAIL. The lessons will be examined by this pastor. Contact me if you are interested, and I will send a couple sample letters by e mail. They cannot sent through Juno.

[All of the following is thoroughly researched and documented, but has not been thoroughly proofed. It is available in comp file printout.]

A study paper on the Second Advent, or The Time, Date and Purpose of the Revelation, 13 pp. The time, date and purpose of the book of Revelation, 11 pp, taken from a study in Isaiah 13. Posted here in PDF.


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Back issues of The Biblical Examiner are also available.
All material other than the Confession and Bible is by Pastor Need. [Check with us on volume costs.]

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