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Losing Your First Love
(Originally Published in 1987)

Rev. 2:1-5, of all of the churches that I would chose as the worse, I would chose the Laodicean Church. It was at ease in Zion, eating, drinking and being merry. It was rich and prosperous. The gospel of prosperity was attracting the money and the crowds.

Because of their worldliness, the Lord threatens them within an inch of their life, as He said, "Repent or parish," v. 19. Yet the Lord doesn't see things as we do. His ways are not our ways, nor are His thoughts our thoughts. With this in mind, look at what He tells the Church at Ephesus.

This was the church that Paul wrote the book of Ephesians to. The Lord compliments this church, vv. 2, 3. Yet, with all of their good points, He tells them that He has somewhat against them which is going to become everything. They left their first love. The first works were now forgotten. The commitments made at the beginning of their Christian walk were now in the past. Their desire to please the Lord that bought them is gone. They now have more important people to please, maybe the state, or even their own lusts.

Regardless, they have departed from their first works and had many reasons to justify their departure. Departed from their first works; no mention of departing from the law of God. In fact, the indication is that they were doctrinally pure, v. 6.

We get an idea of what the Lord thinks of this departure by the threat He makes, the removal of the presence of the Lord, v. 5. There is no threat of chastisement because He loves them, only removal. This indicates that they won't even know that He in gone. What could be worse than the removal of the presence of the Lord.

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