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(Originally Published in 1992)

I saw it with my own eyes:

A pastor was jailed for preaching the word of God without a license. Louisville, KY, borrowed more money than it could repay. An answer to their debt problem was to require an "occupational tax" from all "professionals" within the city. Louisville, as you know, is no mean city; furthermore, it is the home of a very large Southern Baptist seminary and is, no doubt, home for a great many churches. In spite of the vast number of pastors within the city, only two Baptist pastors refused to purchase the $10.00 license to preach the gospel:

Wayne Lowery & ... Adams. Typical of all false gods, the city came down in full wrath against the two who refused to admit that the city had the right to license the preaching of the gospel. For their refusal to license the preaching of God's word, Pastor Adams has been jailed for some time and Pastor Lowery was arrested by about 8 "law enforcement" personnel while preaching in front of the Sinking Fund building in downtown Louisville, Thursday, April 1, 1992.

  • Observe:

    First, the most dangerous criminals in a police state under marshall law are those who present any opposition to the "sovereign state."

    Second, the center of Southern Baptist "Christianity" could not produce one SB pastor to refuse purchasing a government license to preach. Furthermore, this large city on the Ohio river could only produce two non-SB preachers willing to stand against licensure.

    Third, apparently public spirit was indifferent over the whole matter. In fact, it probably said, "It's only $10.00; pay it!"

    Fourth, a faith which sees no problem with purchasing a license from the state to preach the gospel of Christ is neither Biblical Christianity nor the "Spirit of '76," ie. the spirit of the Constitution.

    Fifth, it could not be more obvious why Clinton (not bill) now rules from the White House. Clinton wears the SB name and, evidently, SB theology which says that the civil government has the responsibility to control everything, including preaching the gospel. It is time for true Christians who carry the name Baptist to place after the Baptist name, "Not SB." Southern Baptists are persecuting pastors who stand for the Sovereignty of Christ and deny that civil government has the authority to license Biblical faith.

    Sixth, clearly, American style Christianity (presented by such men as Graham, Swindall, Stanley, Gothard, &c and evidenced Apl 1) has lost all will to stand for Christ against statist tyranny. The spirit which demanded the First Amendment to the Constitution is all but dead; therefore, it is only a matter of time before all of the Constitution will be officially dead. Because the First Amendment spirit gave life to the whole of the Constitution, the First Amendment spirit is required to preserve life in the Constitution. It is impossible to have good fruit without good root, Mt 7:25; 12:33.

    Is it any wonder that world-wide Socialism not only has lost its fear of American Christianity, but desires to import it into socialist countries? American Christianity, with very few exceptions, no longer threatens the one-world dreams of fallen man.

    If pastors do not wake up now and stand against statist tyranny, our Constitutional Republic is dead, replaced by a one-world socialist order. He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth, Lu 11:23. Whose side are we on?

    Pastor Need

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