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(Originally Published in 1990)

Panama: The situation concerning Noriega should be looked at closely. Certainly, I am totally opposed to what he is said to have been doing in Panama, but there are some things we need to observe.

1. The U.S. went into that country to enforce a U.S. civil law and arrested him. Is this a precedent that could lead to some dangerous follow-ups?

2. The invasion was to protect the Canal treaty, i.e. so they could go ahead and give it away according to the treaty.

3. As Larry King (on CNN) discussed the invasion, he mentioned in passing that the legal grounds for the invasion was Article 57 of the U.N. Charter.
Is this further evidence that our armed forces are now under the U.N.?

4. The news articles since have told us the removal of Noriega probably will not even slow down the drug traffic from that area.

5. Notice the change in emphasis of the armed forces from military defense against nations which might desire to dominate the U.S., to enforcing civil law.

What if the U.S. would decide to enforce the Genocide treaty which forbids the proselyting from other religions to Christianity? Suppose the courts rule against a missionary, will the army be used to enforce the ruling? (Not long ago, we saw what happened in Greece to someone who attempted to win a Greek to Christ under the Genocide treaty.)

It appears the Humanists consider Christianity a far more severe threat to our youth than drugs. They seem more dedicated to keeping all vestige of God away from the children in the state schools than they are to keeping drugs away.

What about other violations of civil law? How about IRS laws? This could be the precedent to enforce civil law anywhere in the world. Where will the line be drawn?

6. This all took place after the president's meeting with Gorbachev but the plans were made before that meeting. We could safely conclude that these actions was discussed and cleared with him for a purpose. It will remain to be seen what that purpose will be.

7. The major source of drugs in not from S. America, but from Asia. Where is the effort to stop those drugs?

In my opinion, the implications of what took place are anything but good for the American citizen.

[As if to confirm this after we put it together, there was an article in the Indianapolis Star, 1/15/'90, titled, "Pentagon moves toward drug war role. New strategy seen as way to protect budget." The last couple of paragraphs read: "Rep. Charles Bennett, D-Fla., a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, has been successful in getting Congress to relax, but not repeal Posse Comitatus, a post-Civil Was law that forbids the military from exercising police powers over U.S. civilians.

As a result, the military is now the lead agency in detecting air and sea drug smuggling into the United States.

Some authorities, are fearful of the longterm consequences of giving police powers to the military."

Once again we see that we are being told exactly what is going on. Back in '88 we mentioned that the escalation of the drugs were for the purpose of changing the emphases of the military to the enforcement of civil law. What will it take to wake up the pastors in this nation that their freedoms are almost gone. If they don't come down to reality, and make the gospel relevant, and take a stand, there will be nothing to stand for. A gospel with no social action and change, is NOT the gospel of the LORD Jesus Christ.]

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