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May 1998

The Conquering King
God Appoints Wicked Rulers
Book Review - CRI Guilty of Psychoheresy
The American Revolution Begins
Banking Holiday
 Conservative Politics: Will it fail?

The Conquering King

Our thoughts are being turned again toward elections and political actions. Great swelling words are being used to convince voters that one candidate is better than another, and that he or she has the answers to America's ills. There is a continual argument over whether conservative candidates or liberal candidates are better for the future. While we must realize that neither view, conservative nor liberal, will keep any society from destruction, conservatives will prolong the coming destruction. Only the people whose God is the Lord will prosper and survive in the long run. (Ps. 33:12, 144:15.)


Some years ago, I had to confront Matthew 24. I had dogmatically been taught the Scofield Dispensational version of that passage. Any teaching contrary to Scofield's version was mocked and ridiculed by all the teachers with whom I was familiar. However, the more I searched Scripture, the bigger the holes became in the CIS version. So I was left with no choice but to seriously examine the passage from the word of God. Divine Providence provided enough good books (basically written before Scofield's Dispensationalism overwhelmed Christianity, the early 1900s), so I could see that the impressions received from Scripture were not new. I found that those who were dogmatic followers of Scofield's reasoning were the "late comers;" what I was certain this passage contained had been the general Christian faith up until Scofield's book was published.

I soon realized that it is impossible to make Matthew 24 stand on its own, for it simply concludes the events and messages that started several days before in the life of Christ--no later than Matthew 21. So to properly understand the Lord's message in Matthew 24, I had to start in Matthew 21. The study soon resulted in a lengthy 100 page document, for I cannot do a serious study in moderation.

Because of the current interest I perceive in folks wanting to know the truth concerning Matthew 24, I am going back for corrections and editing, with the intention of offering it in book form on the web site and in print. The following short section is from that study.

Anyone who has in the least followed the life and ministry of Christ knows of the tremendous conflict between Christ and the religious leaders. Though Christ is no longer bodily here on this earth, the conflict has not abated. Both the religious leaders of Christ's day and the religious leaders of our day are leading to destruction many who profess to love God. These leaders, under the name of the Christian God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and of Paul, are presenting dogmatisms that are clearly contrary to what is presented in the law, prophets and the psalms concerning the Tri-Une God. (Lk. 24.) Yet the average professed Christian of our day not only joyfully follows the false teachers, but zealously seek them out so they can follow them.

Freedom Defined

A points that stands out in the following is the definition of godly freedom: First, it is freedom from the power and penalty of sin, which no Christian in his or her right mind can deny. Second, a close examination of what took place between Christ and the religious leaders (e.g., Lk. 19:47) shows that freedom is also freedom from the destructive, persuasive and appealing heresies of the false teachers:

We must reach the conclusion from the following that the rise of the modern oppressive state, with its evil in high places, cannot be changed through any "conservative" political movement. We will see that it is doomed to fail because it does not even consider the false, unbiblical teachings about the Sovereign, Tri-Une Christian God of the Bible emanating from the average "Christian" pulpit world-wide.

The argument by antinomians may be, "But civil bondage is in the civil realm; that is outside of a Christian's responsibility." Throughout Scripture, both Old and New Testaments, God unmistakably teaches that a result of bondage to false teachers and their teachings will be bondage to wicked civil authorities. If those who claim to be followers of Christ will follow the life and teachings of Christ as recorded in the Four Gospels, they also must reach the conclusion that bondage to false teachings from religious leaders must result in bondage to wicked civil authorities.

Truth & Freedom

Great multitudes came to hear Christ teach in the temple daily. His popularity created great hostility among the religious leaders, causing them to seek ways to destroy him. (Lk. 19:47.) Fearful of the multitudes, they could do nothing at the time--according to Mark, the religious leaders feared Christ, for all the multitude was astonished at his teaching (11:18). No doubt, the people were astonished because he openly and clearly taught the truth from the heavenly Father, and that truth exposed the religious leaders for what they were--devouring wolves in sheep's clothing. (See the prophecies against the religious leaders of Mk. 11:18--Isa. 56:11, Jer. 25:29ff., Jer. chap. 50, & etc.)

Throw the Bums Out

There is an important point here that should not be missed, viz. Christ cleansed the temple, not the local Roman "court house." Christ confronted the power of the religious leaders, not the power of the civil leaders. Christ threw the bums out of the temple; he did not throw the bums out of the "court house," though there were plenty there. In doing so, he shows us that reformation must be a religious reformation, not a political reformation. Throwing the bums out of office might appeal to the natural man, but it will not solve the problems we face with an overgrown and oppressive civil government, intent on controlling every facet of life and thought (by coercion, if necessary). On the other hand, throwing the bums who fail to teach the whole counsel of God out of the pulpits will solve that problem. But such action requires confrontation over sin and repentance thereof--a genuine reformation of thought and action. (See Heb. 9:10.) Sinners will go to about any length to avoid having to confront sin.

The freedom offered by and provided by Christ was/is freedom from sin and freedom from the bondage to false doctrines about the Tri-Une God. The false teachers had corrupted the truth in every area. Christ came to present the truth about man, sin and about the Tri-Une God. Accordingly, only when men accept the truth about themselves (naturally sinners, separated from God and needing a sinless substitute, Rom. 3:10ff., etc.), about sin (defined by the total of God's word, not according to men's opinions, 1 Jn. 3:4) and about the Tri-Une God (as defined by the total of God's word, e.g., sovereign, righteous, holy, just, etc.) are they set free. (Isa. 58:6, 61:1ff., Lk. 4:18ff., Jn. 8:33ff.) When the false religious leaders' power was broken by the proclamation of the truth, Rome's ungodly civil power was latter broken. The problem of civil bondage was solved by the application of the truth against the errors presented in the name of the Lord by the religious leaders.

Consequently, though it must be done, confronting errors in the political realm will not bring about change for the better in society--only confrontations in the area of false doctrines in the religious leaders with change civil situations. There are no painless shortcuts. The Spirit clearly presented the problem first in the Old Testament and then in the New: 1) Jeremiah (chap. 7) was commanded to stand in the gate of the Lord's house and call to repentance those professing to worship the Lord God--they had turned the Lord's house into a den of robbers controlled by all kinds of abominations. 2) Ezekiel (Ez. 8:16) was brought into the inner court of the Lord's house at Jerusalem where he was shown the problem--though professing to serve the Lord God of heaven, the religious leaders were serving gods made up in their own vain imaginations, as did the religious leaders of Mark 11:18. (Christ told the religious leaders that the one whom they worshiped as God was not the true God, for the true God can only be worshiped in the manner prescribed in his word and through himself, Jn. 8:54, 55.) The religious leaders would not give up their false gods and their false teachings, and the people would not get away from them; the promised results came to pass--bondage to wicked, ungodly civil authorities. (See Dt. chaps 13, 27, 28.)

Note, therefore, that Christ's cleansing of the temple in Matthew 21:13 (Mk. 11:17, Lk. 19:46) is clearly based upon Jeremiah 7:11. Christ cleansed the temple, and, according to Luke 19:47 (Mk. 11:18), he then taught the truth, greatly upsetting the religious leaders. He shows us that simply "cleansing the temple" is not enough; along with "cleansing the temple," all the counsel of God must be plainly taught. (Ac. 20:27.) Christ came to set his people free--free from the bondage to the prevailing religious errors contrary to the truth as found in the total of God's word. Bondage to false teachings concerning the sovereign, Tri-Une God of Scripture must result in: 1) individual bondage to lusts and sin, 2) economic bondage to lenders, 3) civil bondage to wicked authorities, etc.

Christ came to set his people free from not only the power and penalty of sin, but also from the false teachers and their words contrary to God's word as found in the Old Testament. The overwhelming warning from God's Spirit is against false prophets and false teachers, not against evil men in civil authority:

Christ said, Ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free (Jn. 8:32). Note the context of the verse:

The confrontation was over the truth of the gospel, including the fact that faith in Christ makes one a true seed of Abraham. The truth, therefore, was the truth of the gospel against the errors in doctrine of the day.

Luke 19:47, 48, Christ's daily teaching in the temple destroyed the usurped authority of the religious leaders; therefore, they sought to destroy him. The presentation of the truth of the whole of God's law-word from places of religious authority will result in the destruction of the usurped authority by civil leaders.

Accordingly, we must conclude that our civil problems today are the indisputable results of men in pulpits who have usurped that position of authority; that usurpation by religious leaders of authority contrary to God's revealed word today is just as sure as the men of Mark 11:18 usurped and misused their authority. There can be no freedom from usurped civil authority by unqualified men until there is freedom from usurped religious authority by unqualified men (and women in our day of "equal rights" in the pulpit). However, the pulpits proclaim false gods under the name of the God of the Bible because the people want it that way:

Many people profess to be "followers of Christ," yet they are clearly antinomian--they are unwilling to throw out of the pulpits men (and women) who believe, teach and act in obvious disregard to the total law-word of God, Genesis through Revelation. From the letters this pastor receives from around the country, we know that very few people are willing to stand against the tide on the word of God. Even the unsaved can see that many who profess to be "followers of Christ" are not. Christ threw out the false teachers of his day. The same must be done today if there will be any "roll back" of civil oppression.

Though the picture above looks bleak, there is a prevailing promise throughout Scripture, e.g.,

C.H. Spurgeon, Treasury of David, comments thusly:

He also presents several quotes:

Over the years, this pastor has been involved in local political issues, and will continue to be involved. Local politics is a small part of all the life and thought that must be subjected to Christ. However, the primary "burden" laid upon this pastor is to deal with false assumptions and teachings in areas that are brought to my attention. I fully realize that the only hope for mankind is a genuine reformation of thought, which only the Lord can bring about; the Lord promised throughout Scripture, e.g., Psalms 45, that he will bring "reformation" in his good time. From personal experience, I know what he can do and does do to the most hardened enemies of the kingdom of God, particular in the hearts of "religious leaders":

According to his timing and his good pleasure, we are told that he will ride forth and conquer the souls of men for himself through the preaching of the gospel. Sinners then will be free from the power and penalty of sin, and free from the destructive hold of false teachings from false teachers. (Cf. 1 Cor. 1:17-2:5.)

Then and only then will there be civil freedom. Any hope in any kind of conservative political movement is a false hope, and is doomed to failure.

 God Appoints Wicked Rulers

Leviticus 26:14-33

There are major movements among professed Christians dismissing from Christianity God's judgments and commandments given to His people in the Old Testament. However, anyone who will honestly look at society will readily see that God's Word is just as much in effect today as it was in the Garden and in the day it was given to Moses.

This passage, like so many other Scriptures, tells us again that God's people many times bring the calamities of life upon themselves. Claiming to love God, they show their despite for Him by ignoring His inspired Word as the rule for their every thought and action.

Both Keil and Bonar divide the remainder of Chapter 26 into four degrees of curses for holding God's law in contempt. Gill said concerning vv. 14, 15:

V. 14, harken, and do... We are plainly told here that those who listen to the Word of God, do the Word of God -- hearing and doing God's Law-Word cannot be separated from love for the Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, James makes it clear that though Christianity is not a result of Christian works (for we are by grace through faith in Christ -- nothing added nor removed), it is impossible to separate the Christian faith from both Christian works and words, James chapters two and three.

V. 15, despise...,


First, wicked men reject the knowledge of God; they reject God's Law-Word and statutes; they reject His righteous decisions, and they reject the covenant God made with Abraham (see below). Hosea 4:6 (My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge) is, therefore, given in the context of men rejecting God's Law-Word as revealed through Moses:

It is not given in the context of not knowing about the secret plans of evil men nor not knowing the Constitution, as some would lead us to believe as they raise vast amounts of money. The price paid for rejecting King Jesus' rule is high, their children. Hosea says the same thing as did Moses: I will punish them for their ways, and reward them their doings..., v. 9.

Second, Israel despised the Lord's rule from over themselves, and asked for a king. The king they got was Saul, who made life miserable for them. As we know, Israel was only united under three kings, and David was the only one under whom the people did not suffer. (1 Ki. 12:3, 4.) After the kingdom split in two, the vast majority of the kings made life even more miserable for the people.

Third, Paul tells us that the chosen seed of Abraham is Christ; the covenant was between the Father and the Son, and all who are in Christ by faith are joint heirs with Him.

Fourth, TWOT uses the same words in both Leviticus 26:15 and Ezekiel 20 (21-26):

The Lord tells us that when men refuse to execute His judgments (i.e., "to exercise the processes of government." TWOT, 1: 947--that is, judgement according to righteous judgment, [Jn. 7:24] including: "1. To act as a ruler... 2. ... to decide cases of controversy as judge in civil, domestic, and religious cases...," [the judge's duty is to justify the righteous and condemn the wicked, Deut 25:1 (Rom. 13, ed.)]) and when men reject, despise, His statutes (i.e., duties [precepts and rules to be obeyed] imposed by God upon man, TWOT, 1: 317), then He will give statutes (i.e., duties [precepts and rules to be obeyed] imposed by man, TWOT, 1: 317.) that lead to death.

In other words, when God's people refuses to judge righteous judgment according to the total of God's Word in all affairs, civil, domestic and religious, the Lord God Himself will appoint wicked rulers over the people whose job will be to judge unrighteously; their God-ordained job will be to make life miserable for those who have rejected God's Law-Word as their standard of judgment. The end purpose of the unrighteous rulers over the people is that they might know that I am the LORD.


I do not find it shocking that sodomy is generally accepted, even in many churches, in Lafayette, just 20 miles north of us, for Purdue University is located there. However, I do find it shocking that sodomy is becoming accepted in Crawfordsville, just 10 miles south of us. The Lord recently sent a family our way who was beginning to think there was something wrong with them. In the church where they had been faithful, sodomites were being accepted by the church leadership, and even allowed work in places of leadership. When the family tried to stand against what they saw being accepted, they were accused of being "trouble makers." They left that church, and went to probably the largest Baptist Church in the area. However, they soon faced the same situation there -- the leadership refused to take a stand against sodomy, obviously fearing that some people who were being advanced in leadership would be offended.

When those who profess to be God's people refuses to judge righteous judgment according to the total of God's Word in all affairs, civil, domestic and religious, God Himself appoints wicked rulers. Those rulers' God-ordained job will be to judge unrighteously, that is, to make life miserable for those who have rejected God's Law-Word as their standard of judgment. The end purpose of the unrighteous rulers over the people is that they might know that I am the LORD.

V. 15, abhor:


First, though the people abhor the Lord by abhorring His divine statutes, resulting in judgments, the Lord did not forget His people, even in their judgments.

Second, "The abhorrence of the sanctity of marriage obligations is the root from which arises progressively deeper transgressions. The "deeper transgressions" are clearly seen in the rise of Sodomy in a society. In other words, those who are protesting Sodomy are hypocrite if they are not protesting adultery and "shacking up" more loudly than they protest Sodomy.


I cannot recount the number of professed Christians I have personally met who apparently see nothing wrong with sex outside of marriage. The number of professed Christians who "live together" before marriage is astounding. Though professing to be Christians, they abhor marriage, or they would marry.

Certainly, enough condemnation cannot be said against sodomy, but sodomy and public acceptance of that wicked life-style are simply results of ignoring "the sanctity of marriage obligations." Sodomy and the social acceptance of sodomy will continue to increase in society until there is a social turnaround (genuine conversion) concerning the "sanctity of marriage."

We should develop the word commandments, v. 15:


First, "More frequently the commandments are the particular conditions of the covenant. It is used for the Ten Commandments in Ex 24: 12."

Second, the whole duty of man is summed up: "Fear God, and keep his commandments."

Though man may work (through science falsely so-called, education, theology, &c.) to break the cords and bands of God's Word from himself, to do so is impossible. The terms of the covenant of blessings are clearly given, and when men willfully reject those terms, he rejects God's blessings.

Keil titles this section, THE CURSE FOR CONTEMPT OF THE LAW. His opening comments on vv. 14, 15, are excellent:

Grace has been offered; "millennial-like" blessings beyond all one could ask or think had been offered if they would walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and do them, v. 3. Vv. 4-13, had not been offered to the pagans; rather, they had been offered to God's chosen people. However, with the abundant blessings promised for obedience, comes abundant curses for despising the offered blessings. The following "curses" are not promised against the pagans; they are promised against God's people. If our God is a consuming fire against His unfaithful people, think of what He is to those who reject Him! (Heb. 12:29.) The Lord God promises blessings beyond all other peoples for His peoples' obedience, so the other side of the coin must be "curses" above all other peoples for His peoples' disobedience -- His word is a two-edged sword. (This section reads very much like Deut. 28-33.)

Thus the following "judgments" are against "presumptuous and obstinate rebellion," not against "single breaches of the law." This statement sounds very much like what is given in Hebrews 10:26ff.

Vv. 14, 15, "obstinate rebellion" vs. "single breaches"... Thus one's attitude toward God's law. This leads us to some very interesting situations in the New Testament, which we develop elsewhere.

The judgments, or curses, are for breaking the covenant: The people refused to do all my commandments. If the judgments, or punishments, did not bring the people to repentance, the judgments increase in intensity, vv. 18, 21, 23, 27, the worse of all possible judgments -- eating their own children..

Vv. 16, 17, I will appoint: illness upon them and the wicked exalted.

Vv. 18, 19, I will punish you: the fruit of their labours will be greatly hindered.

Vv. 21, 22, I will bring, I will send: the wild beasts exalted among them.

Vv. 25, 26, I will bring, I will send: they will die at the hands of the enemies of God's kingdom on earth, and famine will prevail.

Vv. 29-33, I will chastise you in my fury: the very worst thing that could happen to them -- they will be forced to eat their own children, their cities destroyed and the people carried away captive into other lands.

The purpose of each "judgment" was to get the people to return to Him, and keep His commandments. In the end, however, they were totally destroyed as a nation. We should also note that the Lord Himself appointed the judgments.

Vv. 16, 17.

V. 16, I will appoint:

Godless Rulers Appointed by God

The Lord God promises to appoint godless foreign governors over them:

In Exodus 15:26 and 23:25, the Lord promised to deliver His people from the diseases mentioned here. However, the Lord promises here that if they fail to do all His commandments and if they break His covenant, then He will deliver His people to the diseases mentioned here -- He will bring upon them terror, consumption, burning ague, sorrow of heart, &c. (Prozak!) He promises to personally appoint evil rulers over them whose job it will be to make life miserable for those who rejected His rule, v. 15.

[S]ow your seed in vain... sure sounds like the tax man taking the increase.

Though the average church leader today vehemently denies any kind of application of this passage to the New Testament Gospel Church, the parallel applications to the Church are so real that they can not be coincidental, e.g., Matthew 5:13ff. (Though Scofield attempted to break the bands and cords of God's Word as reveled in Matthew 5 by placing it into another dispensation, the Lord laughs from heaven at his, and his follower's, feeble efforts -- Matthew 5 is still binding upon man regardless of fallen man's personal opinions. See Scofield article.)

Clearly, the enemies of God's kingdom on earth have been exalted by the most High to rule over the whole earth.

The reason wicked rulers are exalted is plainly spelled out, so anyone can understand it.

Men, particularly in the average church, abhor the Lord's judgments, refusing to do all His commandments: They seem to delight in breaking the law of the covenant. Having departed from the firm foundation of God's Law-Word and fearing what man can do, the average Christian, including church leaders, is cowering in the corner, fearful that he or she might do something to offend the wicked who now rule.

Churches are fearful to do anything that is not "politically correct." Even more evident is that pastors are fearful of offending the "big givers" who might be in their churches, so their love of money forbids taking a stand. Holy Christian boldness is obviously missing from the modern pulpits, and, accordingly, from society.

Book Review


by Martin and Deidre Bobgan

The Christian Research Institute (CRI), originally founded by Walter Martin, is currently headed by Hank Hanegraaff. In 1995, CRI ran a four-part series on "Psychology & the Church" in their journal. Bob and Gretchen Passantino were the authors of this series, which clearly established the CRI position on "Psychology & the Church." From the time of their publication until now, CRI has maintained the position presented in the articles. When people contact CRI to ask about the CRI position on psychology, they are referred to the Passantino series on "Psychology & the Church."

Leaving the door open to psychotherapy and its underlying psychologies is an overwhelmingly popular position in the church. Many are satisfied and others are ecstatic about the CRI/Passantino position on the integration of psychology and the Bible. It is always difficult to combat the popular sociocultural mores of a society; but it is more difficult to fight against the absorption of these mores into the church.

Being anti-professional psychology is a minority view, and, unfortunately, one is left with proving the case against something for which the case has never been made. Based on hundreds of research studies, Dr. Robyn Dawes, professor at Carnegie-Mellon University and a widely recognized researcher on psychological evaluations, declares in his book House of Cards:

... there is no positive evidence supporting the efficacy of professional psychology. There are anecdotes, there is plausibility, there are common beliefs, yes--but there is no good evidence.

This current book on the CRI position exposes the logical fallacies and illogical reasoning used to establish the Passantinos' predilections for psychology.

The CRI/Passantino trust in psychological wisdom and their commitment to psychotherapy and its underlying psychologies, even under certain conditions, are indeed psychoheresy. The support of psychotherapy and its underlying psychologies under whatever conditions is an disgrace in the church, but few of God's people realize it.

P.A.M. Price: $9.00 (retail $10.00) Softbound, 152 pages, ISBN 0-941717-13-5 PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries 4137 Primavera Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Americal Revolution Begins


(The American Revolution begins, as reported by Associated Press)

BOSTON (AP) August 4--Police & National Guard units seeking to confiscate a cache of recently banned assault weapons were ambushed Sunday by elements of a pare-military right wing extremist faction.

Military & law enforcement sources estimate that 72 were killed & more than 200 injured before government forces were compelled to withdraw. Speaking after the clash, Massachusetts Governor Thomas Gage declared that the extremist militia faction has citizens who have links to the radical right wing tax protest movement. Gage blamed the militia for recent incidents of vandalism directed against internal revenue offices.

The Governor, who described the groups organisers as "terrorists," issued an executive order authorising the summary arrest of any individual who has interfered with the governments efforts to secure law & order. The law enforcement team augmented by elements of the National Guard were sent to raid a militia arsenal after widespread refusal of right wing extremists to turn over recently outlawed assault weapons. This decision followed a meeting in early July between government & law enforcement which authorised the confiscation of the illegal arms, known as the weapons of choice among criminals & militias. One government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, pointed out "that none of these people would have been killed had right wing extremists obeyed the law & turned over the weapons voluntarily."

Police & government forces initially succeeded in confiscating a large supply of outlawed weapons & ammunition. However, troops attempting to seize arms & ammunition in Lexington met with resistance from heavily armed militia extremists who had been tipped off regarding the governments plans.

During a tense stand-off in Lexington's town park, National Guard Colonel Francis Smith. commander of the government operation, ordered the armed group to surrender & return to their homes. The impasse was broken by a single shot, which was reportedly fired by one of the right wing extremists. Eight civilians were killed in the ensuing exchange.

Ironically, the local citizens blamed the government forces rather than the extremists for the civilian deaths. Before order could be restored, heavily armed militia groups from surrounding areas had descended upon the police & guard units. Colonel Smith finding his forces overmatched by militia mobs ordered a retreat.

Governor Gage has called upon citizens to support the state/national joint task force in its effort to restore law & order. The governor has also demanded the surrender of those responsible for planning & leading the attack against the government. Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, & John Hancock, who have their principles intact in an age of moral and monetary chaso." $95 a year, but $69 to readers of this report if you mention this report when you order.

Bank Holiday

Also from The Moneychanger, JUST A LITTLE NOTE

HOLIDAY: Banking officials grappling with the year 2000 computer glitch are considering declaring a holiday on Dec. 31, 1999, to pave a smoother road into the new millennium. While federal employees already have the day off, setting it aside as a bank holiday would effectively close the marketplace. Since it falls on Friday, the down time would allow firms to complete the majority of their year-end work before such transactions become susceptible to Year 2000 computer failures. (The Boston Herald, 1/17/98, Business Section, p. 17.)

Note: The Y2K problem is not to be taken lightly. One should prepare for a minimum of 3 mo without electricity. If nothing else, Is God's word true? If so, then what is the wicked word in for?

Bro. Need